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Walton Global Hires SVP of Shariah Investments

Walton Global, a real estate investment and land asset management company, announced that Ahmed Haggag has joined Walton as senior vice president, Shariah investments and will oversee the company’s Shariah compliant offerings related to development projects.

With the announcement of this new hire, Walton Global is also confirming an endorsement for its development project in Arizona from the Islamic finance advisory board, an independent non-profit body engaged in the promotion of Islamic Finance in North America. According to Walton, Haggag will lead this endorsement which the company says expands the opportunity for investors in the Muslim community and other faith-based groups to make investments with Walton on a Shariah compliant basis.

Haggag gained his mortgage experience through working in commercial and residential mortgages at Laurentian Bank of Canada and Sun Life Trust in Toronto earlier in his career. Building off this, he later founded and managed several leading Shariah compliant mortgage lending and real estate investment entities in Canada and the Middle East.

“My experience dealing with the Islamic finance advisory board was extremely impressive. I have dealt with many Shariah Boards in Dubai and Egypt for more than 20 years, and this was at another level,” said Haggag. “A major distinctiveness for this board is the high specialization in Islamic finance which is a major asset to reach results promptly and in a timely manner. I enjoyed dealing with the board to obtain this certification and I am looking forward to many more collaborations for future projects with Walton Global.”

The Islamic finance advisory board officially granted its endorsement on March 23, 2023, after completing a review process of Walton’s investment offering. Walton says the board’s role moving forward will be advisory services for faith-based communities, as well as conducting regular audits to ensure the company’s investment continues to remain Sharia compliant.

“We are thankful to receive this endorsement as we continue to expand our global client base and extend our offerings to investors around the world,” said Bill Doherty, chief executive officer of Walton Global. “The Muslim community is the second largest faith-based community representing nearly 2 billion people who live in various countries. We are pleased that this certification will give the community peace of mind and reassurance that they are following their faith when making investment choices with Walton.”

Walton Global is a privately-owned land asset management and real estate investment company with $3.4 billion in assets under management.

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