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Mick Law P.C. LLO

 Industry-Leading Providers of Innovative Third-Party Due Diligence Solutions

The due diligence process can be more challenging for alternative investments than traditional asset classes due to the characteristics of private offerings, including the complexity of certain alternative investment strategies. For over two decades, Mick Law PC has provided first-class due diligence and analysis on alternative investments for its independent broker-dealer, registered investment adviser and family office clientele.

Mick Law PC provides its clients with individualized legal opinions, as well as customized due diligence solutions on the financial and structural aspects of offerings with an additional focus on project and fund structure, financing, valuation and exit analysis. Comprised of attorneys, real estate underwriters and petroleum engineers, our team’s due diligence process includes renegotiating structure and investor rights on behalf of its clients, completing comprehensive litigation and entity research on issuer principals and affiliates, independently underwriting assets and giving you valuation and fairness guidance. We review and opine on offerings of various asset classes, including but not limited to:

  • Delaware Statutory Trusts/Section 1031 Exchange Product
  • Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds
  • Real Estate Development, Real Estate Funds, REITs and Debt Products
  • Business Development Companies
  • Interval Funds
  • Oil and Gas Drilling/Royalty/Alternative Energy Product
  • Development/Conservation Product
  • Life Settlements
  • Private Equity Funds and Direct Investments
  • Business Development Companies
  • Liquid Alternatives/40 Act Funds

Mick Law P.C. LLO 816 South 169th Street Omaha, NE 68118

402.275.1880 (Bryan Mick, President)

402.275.1817 (David Sengstock, Director)

310.508.7673 (Zia Sabir, VP Business Dev)