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    Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)

    AIX is the only industry-wide technology solution for alternative investments.

    Alternatives investing processes have long been riddled with time-consuming hurdles due to a pervasive lack of connectivity and visibility. That’s why we decided to completely transform the system by creating a technology platform like no other. We could help the industry grow.

    AIX was incubated inside a leading alternative investment manager. Thoughtfully and intentionally designed to better connect the broader alternative investment ecosystem, AIX turns a chaotic, time-consuming and largely paper-based method into a point-and-click, all-digital experience.

    We empower each partner on our network to deliver the key dimensions and strategies that are core to their business: advisor and investor experiences; products and vehicles; operational processes and compliance policies; partner connectivity; data management and forms. AIX is configurable to our partner’s way of doing business, at scale.

    Transforming the experience.   Growing the industry.

    Enabled by AIX.

    Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)
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