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    Buttonwood Due Diligence provides third-party due diligence services to our clients with an impartial, extensive, and analytical review of sponsors and their investment offerings in the alternative investment industry.

    PROGRAM REVIEWS. Buttonwood prepares comprehensive, unbiased reviews of investment programs in a succinct and analytical way designed to be easily reviewed and understood by financial advisors and other investment professionals. Our Program Reviews go beyond the traditional legal review and add additional layers of analysis, commentary and real-world application derived from nearly 20 years of experience in the alternative investment industry.

    SPONSOR REVIEWS. The quality of an alternative investment offering is only as good as the foundation upon which it is built. A Buttonwood Sponsor Review dives deep into the nuts and bolts of the sponsor’s organization, disclosing key details of its prior experiences, performance and capacity, and capability to manage investment offerings.

    CUSTOM DUE DILIGENCE SERVICES. Staying informed and up to date on the investments in your alternative investment portfolio is vital to managing a successful portfolio while also mitigating risk. From on-going program updates, to one-off reviews, to investment committee participation, Buttonwood Due Diligence provides a variety of customizable due diligence solutions designed to support a wide range of clients and investment pursuits.

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