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MacKenzie Capital Management, LP

MacKenzie Capital Management is a seasoned player in the real estate investment arena, boasting a team of highly skilled analysts with expertise in both real estate and securities. Leveraging decades of experience as portfolio managers, owners, syndicators, lessors, and realtors, MacKenzie’s team has honed a disciplined approach to real estate investing. Their deep insights into the real estate market allow them to navigate swiftly in a rapidly changing economic environment, identifying and capitalizing on windows of opportunity.

With over a quarter of a century in the industry, MacKenzie has forged strong institutional relationships and built a solid reputation, facilitating financing partnerships and purchases at attractive prices. Their primary goal remains consistent: to provide current cash flow and future returns by exploiting the arbitrage between the discounted price paid for real estate assets and securities and the future liquidation value realized.

Since 1987, MacKenzie Capital Management has excelled in capitalizing on undervalued investments, focusing on significantly discounted real estate securities and value-added opportunistic real estate assets. Their programs range from conservative to aggressive, each offering cash flow and the expectation of future returns based on the eventual fullprice liquidation of the underlying assets.

MacKenzie Capital Management generates value through expertise, vision, and an opportunistic mindset. For investors seeking dependable sources of meaningful income, MacKenzie’s family of private and public funds provides an avenue to participate in their real estate strategy, offering an intelligent option for building a diversified portfolio of real estate assets and securities.

Please reach out to us for additional information on current investment opportunities at

MacKenzie Capital Management, LP 89 Davis Road, Suite 100 Orinda, CA 94563