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The True Life Companies

The True Life Companies (TTLC) is a private real estate investment firm focused on creating attainably priced housing by repurposing under-utilized commercial, industrial or retail property to a residential use. Composed of a team of real estate professionals with extensive homebuilding experience at some of the nation’s leading companies, TTLC processes the necessary government approvals to transform these sites into property that is ready for residential construction. The resulting home sites may then be sold in bulk to regional or national homebuilders for their construction and sales pipeline.

TTLC concentrates its efforts on metro regions with an under-supply of housing and high demand. Over forty properties are currently controlled or owned within TTLC’s full portfolio in locations in California, Texas, and Colorado, with new sites and new markets undergoing analysis regularly. TTLC also maintains homebuilding and land development capabilities.

The True Life Companies 1601 19th Street, Suite 550 Denver, CO 80202