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    Leitbox Storage Partners (“Leitbox”) is a real estate investment company that develops and acquires self storage (often with mixed use & retail integration) in primary and secondary markets. The company employs a “Market Up” strategy, tailoring its real estate strategy to each particular project. Specifically, Leitbox’s real estate professionals determine which approach: repeatable prototype vertical development, mixed-use development, value-add acquisitions, or retail conversions, is the best strategy for the sub-market. Leitbox uses proprietary site selection data analytics, Sitefinder, to increase occupancy outcomes and reduce the time required for site selection analysis.

    Through Leitbox’s programmatic, repeatable prototype development process, the Company seeks to create efficient building outcomes at lower development costs and faster vertical execution. In addition to programmatic greenfield development of vertical self storage, Leitbox leverages the historical experience in the retail and mixed-use sectors through its related company, Merchants Retail Partners, LLC  (www.merchantsretail.com) to identify and acquire retail, big-box conversion opportunities and income-producing, storage facilities presenting value-add, upside potential. Somewhat unique to the self storage sector, Leitbox often integrates a mixed-use/retail component to help improve financial outcomes, such as lowering the property’s break-even threshold, while allowing projects to be launched in more desirable, high-barrier to entry neighborhoods.

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