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    CIM is a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator and lender. Since 1994, CIM has managed more than $56 billion of projects in communities across the Americas on behalf of its own account and its partners, co-investors and shareholders. CIM’s broad in-house expertise includes decades of research, acquisition, credit analysis, development, finance, leasing and asset management experience in urban real assets, net-lease assets and other associated credit strategies. By utilizing its disciplined approach and extensive in-house expertise, CIM seeks to create value in projects, which ultimately enhances communities. For more information, visit www.cimgroup.com.

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    1. Data as of 6/30/18. Assets Owned and Operated (AOO) represents the aggregate assets owned and operated by CIM on behalf of partners (including where CIM contributes alongside for its own account) and co-investors, whether or not CIM has discretion, in each case without duplication. AOO includes total gross assets at fair value, with real assets presented on the basis described in the Book Value disclosure and operating companies presented at gross assets less debt, as of June 30, 2018 (“the Report Date”) (including the shares of such assets owned by joint venture partners and co-investments), plus binding unfunded commitments. AOO also includes the $0.3 billion of AOO attributable to CIM Compass Latin America (CCLA), which is 50% owned and jointly operated by CIM. AOO for CMMT Partners, L.P. (which represents assets under management), a perpetual-life real estate debt fund, is $0.5 billion as of the Report Date.

      Book Value for each investment generally represents the investment’s book value as reflected in the applicable fund’s unaudited financial statements as of the Report Date prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles on a fair value basis. These book values generally represent the asset’s third-party appraised value as of the Report Date, but in the case of CIM’s net-lease strategy, book values generally represent undepreciated cost (as reflected in SEC-filed financial statements).

    2. There is no guarantee that any CCO Group program will replicate these types of liquidity events, if at all, and the programs are not required to effect a liquidity event at any time. The programs have limited liquidity as there is no public market, and one may never exist, for shares of common stock. There is no guarantee investors will receive a distribution. Distributions have been paid from proceeds of the offering, from borrowings and may be derived from sources other than cash flow from operations, including sales of assets, and there are no limits on the amounts that may be paid from other sources.