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Crew Enterprises, LLC

Crew Enterprises (formerly Versity Investments, LLC), founded in 2022 by Blake Wettengel and Tanya Muro, is a real estate company specializing in acquiring and operating student and multifamily housing properties.

The investment firm and its affiliated companies own or manage 37 student housing and multifamily properties located throughout the United States, totaling approximately 5,000 units and over 11,000 beds.

Located in Orange County, California, Crew Enterprises has a portfolio valued at nearly $2.0 billion across 18 states and is one of the largest syndicators of real estate in the country.

Crew Enterprises has raised several hundred million dollars in equity investments and aims to provide clients with strong, risk-adjusted investment strategies while creating inspiring living experiences for tenants through selective acquisitions and development, focusing on high-enrollment, housing supply-constrained locations, and utilizing enhanced social and environmentally responsible practices.

Crew Enterprises, LLC 20 Enterprise, Suite 400 Aliso Viejo, Please select Country first 92656