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ARCTRUST Properties, Inc.

ARCTRUST Private Capital is an affiliate of the ARCTRUST Group of Companies, a vertically integrated real estate organization that over the past 38 years has been responsible for more than 500 transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $5 billion.  ARCTRUST Private Capital focuses on delivering a diverse platform of investment solutions including real estate investment trusts, Regulation D offerings, Delaware Statutory Trusts and preferred equity and debt products, while also providing investor access to private sidecar and property-specific investments in joint ventures and co-sponsored offerings. To learn more, visit

ARCTRUST Private Capital 1401 Broad St. Clifton, NJ 07013


973.249.0917 (Lisa Gunnels, Chief Operating Officer)

727.902.0121 (Chris Wadelin, Chief Executive Officer - West Wholesaler)

727.902.0121 (Jason Kling, VP, Equity Markets East - East Wholesaler)