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StratCap is a privately-held, global alternative investment management platform committed to providing access to dynamic asset classes and highly-experienced investment professionals in order to provide clients with attractive risk-adjusted returns.  The company is focused on a wide range of digital economy investments with an emphasis on digital infrastructure, sustainability, and technology-centric sectors.

StratCap strives to create investment opportunities with superior management teams, cutting-edge asset classes and distinct product structures that can help provide durable income, growth potential, reduced volatility and low correlation to traditional markets.

Digital infrastructure is an exceptionally dynamic and extremely resilient market sector.  Cell towers, fiber networks, data centers and the like provide us with the connectivity and data that we rely on from day to day, so much so that its now widely considered the fourth utility.  The inelastic demand for the services they support helps insulate digital infrastructure assets from economic volatility and, at the same time, helps to generate relatively steady rental revenues.  Furthermore, we believe the secular growth trends and emerging technologies like 5G, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and virtual reality point to a long-growth runway and attractive investment opportunities for these assets in the foreseeable future.

StratCap 100 Field Point Rd Greenwich, CT 06830

949.258.7749 (Brandon Hunt)