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    Walton Global is a land manager and real estate investment firm that provides alternative investment solutions targeting income and growth for investors. Investments are primarily based on supplying U.S. home builders with needed land inventory to meet home buying demand in high growth regions – the objective of these strategies is the preservation of capital by investment in hard assets, alternative income or growth with tax deferment.

    Even during volatile market conditions, demand for homes remains high in the U.S. for years to come to accommodate a current shortage of more than 5 million homes, in addition to new household formations primarily from Millennials and Gen X generations, making land located in the path of growth a solid investment option.


    • DST – a growth all cash offering for land investments. All equity, no leverage and deferral of returns until closing
    • BLF Fund 2 – cashflow anticipated semi-annually with principal repayment upon homes sales for retail investors
    • Builder Land Financing – cash flow projected in 6-months structured for institutional investors
    • Development – a debt structure investment focused on development in the hospitality industry

    Founded in 1979, Walton Global currently manages $3.4 billion in real estate assets and made distributions of more than $2.3 billion to its investors. A team of experienced capital markets professionals work directly with broker dealers, registered investment advisors, institutions and family offices to build alternative investment structures and portfolio diversification for their client base.

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