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    Walton Global offers real estate investments structured into two funds that aim to deliver cash flow in a short-term and attractive returns for investors. The funds are based on top U.S. home builders working with Walton to purchase land in high growth regions for future home development – with the objective to deliver capital preservation and alternative income for an investor’s portfolio.

    Builder Identified Land Target (BILT) Fund – cash flow is projected in 6-months
    U.S. Residential Growth Fund – cash flow is projected in 2 years

    Founded in 1979, Walton Global currently manages $3.4 billion in real estate assets and made distributions of more than $2.3 billion to its investors. A team of experienced capital markets professionals work directly with broker dealers, registered investment advisors, institutions and family offices to build alternative investment structures and portfolio diversification for their client base using land.

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    (Todd Woodhead)