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The Number One Sponsor is…

To be determined by advisors and broker-dealers that participate in The DI Wire’s First Annual B/D & Advisor Survey.
The survey will provide industry views of how Direct Investment (DI) Sponsors stack up when it comes to categories such as transparency, communications, wholesaler support, performance, and more. In addition, The DI Wire will determine the Top Ten Overall Sponsors in DI of 2014 based on survey results.
Who can participate in the survey?
Advisors that have sold or manage DI assets and broker-dealer personnel responsible for DI due diligence.
When will the survey begin?
Mid to late September 2014, via email notification to those that registered.
Where can I register?
Click here.
How can wholesalers and sponsor executives help?
Make sure each and every member of your distribution team reaches out to their best advisors and broker-dealer contacts urging them to register and participate. Send them this link:
How can broker-dealers contribute in addition to participating?
Share the link with your advisors that work with direct investments and encourage them to participate.
The more advisors and broker-dealers that vote, the better representation the survey will have. Surveys like this not only help advisors and broker-dealers with due diligence reviews, they also motivate sponsors to strive for excellence in all categories important to their broker-dealer, advisor, and investor clients.
Register Today!
If you missed the link above, here it is again:
The DI Wire is a service of Quincy Media, Inc. We are not affiliated with any sponsor or broker-dealer.