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Stratos Recruits $500 Million Reno Team from RBC Wealth Management

Stratos Wealth Advisors LLC, a part of Stratos Wealth Holdings, announced it has successfully recruited a senior team of wealth managers from RBC Wealth Management who will establish the firm’s first northern Nevada office. The team will use Fidelity as its primary custodian. Working with Fidelity Investments provides the team with access to a wide range of products and services that can help serve the needs of their clients.

Peter Bessette, Dan Roberts, Carla Bessette, Erich Brenner, Sonni Schafer, and Drew Bessette have created Reno Tahoe Wealth Management, a team that manages approximately $500 million in total client assets. The new firm will become part of Stratos Wealth Advisors. Peter was previously the branch manager for RBC Wealth Management in Reno, Nev.

“Peter and his team have established a reputation for putting clients’ needs first, whether they are individuals or institutions,” said Charles Shapiro, a Stratos founding partner and chief development officer.

“Peter’s reputation as a firm leader positions Reno Tahoe Wealth Management for growth in the northern Nevada region. The Stratos team will focus our efforts on supporting practice management, succession planning, technology, and enhanced client investment solutions. This will help the team with their long-term growth strategy,” added Shapiro.

A 42-year industry veteran, Peter joined RBC Wealth Management in 2000, working closely with Roberts and Brenner. His wife, Carla, who has 30 years in the business, also joined RBC in 2000 as a vice president and financial advisdr on their team. Drew, their son, joined as a wealth planning associate in 2020.

Prior to RBC, Peter spent five years at Piper Jaffray Inc.

“After deciding to become independent advisers, we wanted a partner to help us make that transition while also developing and executing a long-term growth strategy with an eye toward the next generation,” Peter said. “The values and vision Stratos presented as we considered our next steps gave us the confidence that Charles and the entire leadership team were the right people to help us meet our current and future needs.”

“Our decision to work with Stratos was made easier as we considered ways our relationship with Fidelity Investments would help bolster our ability to serve our clients,” Peter added.

“We are thrilled to welcome Reno Tahoe Wealth Management to the Fidelity platform and look forward to supporting them as they enter the next major stage of their growth journey…” said Rohit Mahna, head of client growth at Fidelity Institutional Wealth Management Services.

Stratos Wealth Advisors LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser, manages over $3.6 billion in advisory assets and over $39 million in third-party managed assets as of Dec. 31, 2023. Since its founding, Stratos has grown to 59 independent advisers and 82 home office staff and has more than 30 locations in the United States.

 Stratos Wealth Holdings is a family of companies including registered investment advisers: Stratos Wealth Partners, Stratos Wealth Advisors, and Stratos Investment Management.

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