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Sponsored Content: Boosting Its Tech, Leitbox Acquires Remote Management Solutions

Sponsored Content: Boosting Its Tech, Leitbox Acquires Remote Management Solutions. Alternative investments, Leitbox, self storage, Remote Management Solutions

Leitbox Storage Partners LLC has made another commitment to technology to bolster its competitive edge. Recently, Leitbox Storage Partners announced the acquisition of a leading automated, remote-management firm: Remote Management Solutions. RMS utilizes cutting-edge technology to remotely manage self-storage assets, coupled with a comprehensive revenue management system capability and a full suite of self-storage audit tools.

Since 2017, Leitbox has been at the forefront of integrating advanced technology into its site selection efforts. The creation of Leitbox Sitefinder was a game-changer in the industry, utilizing a comprehensive demographic suite of metrics to identify superior self-storage locations. This

innovative approach originated from more than 25 years of retail development experience through Leitbox’s related affiliate, Merchants Retail Partners LLC, a firm owned by management and Protective Life Insurance Corporation Inc. Retail tenants – whether anchor, restaurants, or fashion – rely on detailed and robust psychographic and demographic data that was not present in the self-storage sector in 2017. Site selection was driven by a base set of standard demographic information. Leitbox Sitefinder incorporates demographic metrics not typically used by self-storage operators, such as sales volumes of nearby retailers. Leitbox’s deep-dive site selection strategy has not only differentiated it from its competitors, but also led to the sale of 50% of its developments at the certificate of occupancy stage. This success is a testament to Leitbox’s skill in site selection with Leitbox Sitefinder.

The latest acquisition is a leap forward in Leitbox’s ongoing journey toward fully embracing remotely managed, automated storage management. The acquired company brings with it a seasoned management team, spearheaded by Cindy Ashby, a well-known and respected figure in the industry with 20+ years of experience at National Storage Affiliates and other national players.

This acquisition will allow Leitbox to bring its operations and property management in-house. “As with our retail portfolio, we believe that operations and property management oversight is integrally important. But self-storage management never worked for our platform given the employee hiring and rollover challenges. Now, with technology and automation, Leitbox can better drive its business plans. All this while reducing the payroll burden. We have seen Public Storage and others gain profit margin, and with this acquisition, we will intend to do the same by reducing a material expense burden – payroll,” said Bill Leitner, founder and chief executive officer of Leitbox.

RMS is unique in its multiprong abilities. In conjunction with its remote management ability, RMS also brings a full suite of high-tech revenue management and expense management. Additionally, the RMS team has conducted property audits throughout the United States over the last 20 years. RMS is led by Cindy Ashby. Ashby and her entire team will be joining Leitbox; Cindy will be managing director of Leitbox’s portfolio operations.

About Leitbox Storage Partners

Leitbox Storage Partners is a real estate investment company that develops and acquires self-storage (often with mixed use and retail integration) in primary and secondary markets throughout the United States. In addition to programmatic, greenfield development of vertical self-storage, Leitbox utilizes its 30-plus-year history in the retail and mixed-use sectors to

identify and acquire retail, big-box conversion opportunities and income-producing, storage facilities presenting value-add upside potential. For more information, contact Angela Darden at

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