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Q1 Non-Traded REIT Data Now Available

First Quarter 2014 Non-Traded REIT data is now available thanks to MTS Research Advisors (MTS). MTS provides quarterly non-traded REIT summary information and fact sheets for free.

Michael Stubben, President of MTS Research, says his goal is to assist advisors and their investors make informed decisions and better understand the return potential of non-traded REITs.

The free quarterly summary and fact sheets MTS provides could assist advisors with initial and on-going due diligence.

The Fact Sheets provide details on 20 data points including portfolio composition, balance sheet data, distributions, and offering information.

In addition, the MTS Report highlights non-listed REIT fundraising and acquisitions by individual non-listed REIT, and the report reviews non-listed REIT leverage ratios, distribution payout ratios, and fee structures.

To access the MTS Non-Traded REIT Summary for Q1 2014, click here.

To access the MTS Non-Traded REIT Fact Sheets for Q1 2014, click here.

To learn more about MTS Research Advisors, click here.