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Private Placement Online Brokerage Platform Partners with Software Provider

Two innovators in capital raising for alternative investments have formed a partnership that will deliver faster and broader access to the asset class for family offices and mid-sized institutions.

Capital Hedge’s family office asset-raising CRM solution, FINTRX Investor Platform, combined with Venovate Marketplace’s (Venovate) online brokerage platform for private placements will make the process more efficient for investors and advisors seeking alternative investments like private equity, real estate or venture capital.

President and Founder of Capital Hedge and the FINTRX platform Russ D’Argento commented, “We view this as the dawning of a new era for the family office community. Technology is bridging the divide between mid-market institutional investors and quality deal flow, at no cost or commitment.”

“Many mid-sized institutions and family offices have difficulty sourcing quality investments and getting properly introduced to the issuers as a qualified investor,” added Michael Raneri, CEO of Venovate. “Alternative investing has always been a relationship-based business, and the limitations of personal networks have created a fragmented, inefficient marketplace. Our partnership with Capital Hedge is part of our effort to open up the process, create transparency, and make alternatives available to a much bigger pool of qualified investors. We combine smart technology with the support of professionals, delivering a high-tech, high-touch solution.”

Venovate, a FINRA registered broker-dealer, provides an efficient and transparent solution to the private securities market covering both the would-be capital raisers and those looking to invest.

Issuers raising capital through Venovate are able to comply with regulatory requirements by displaying disclosure documents and verifying the accreditation status of investors.

For investors, the company provides the necessary information to conduct due diligence and support an investment decision.

Venovate partners with professionals representing clients as well. The company has worked with registered investment advisors, accountants, and attorneys that work on behalf of wealthy clients.