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ExchangeRight Real Estate Launches Multifamily Platform with Threshold Capital

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 | ExchangeRight Real Estate is pleased to announce a new strategic relationship with Threshold Capital allowing ExchangeRight to bring value-added multifamily 1031 exchange offerings to investors through the independent broker-dealer investment channel. ExchangeRight has successfully launched nine net-leased portfolios and manages over $250 Million of net leased assets. Threshold Capital brings significant multifamily asset management expertise and experience to allow ExchangeRight to deliver best-in-class, value-added multifamily offerings for 1031 and cash investors.

Threshold Capital is a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition, renovation, and operations of multifamily communities since 2004. To date, Threshold has acquired and managed over 9,800 units with an aggregate market value of over $540 Million. Together, we will target the acquisition and management of assets in the 100 to 500+ unit range within stable growth markets throughout the south and southeastern United States.

Threshold and ExchangeRight share common corporate cultures of investing in their own deals, aligning their interest with investors, enjoying access to significant capital, keeping their inventory flow steady and consistent, purchasing off-market transactions, and focusing on creating and maintaining value for their investors.

We believe that adding high quality apartment programs to our existing net-lease offerings will give broker-dealers, advisors, and their clients more choices and superior diversification for their 1031 exchanges while taking advantage of opportunities in the apartment markets.


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Geoffrey D. Flahardy, National Accounts Director

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