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DFPG Investments, Inc. Hosts 2015 Real Estate Boot Camp


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – April 27, 2015 – DFPG Investments, Inc. (DFPG: www.dfpg.com) recently completed its 2015 Real Estate Boot Camp, an annual conference the firm hosts for registered representatives seeking deeper insight into the real estate and alternative investment markets. DFPG is an award-winning, independent broker-dealer operating from South Jordan, Utah, and specializes in servicing investment representatives, including hybrid practices, with a focus on investment real estate and alternative investments.

“Our Real Estate Boot Camp,” says DFPG’s CEO, Mike Bendix, “is intended to provide registered representatives with up-to-date information about what’s happening in the real estate sector of the economy, and the implications for those offering or managing alternative investments. It is just one of the ways DFPG is deepening our expertise and knowledge of this sector of the investment industry.” 

In addition to serving as the CEO of DFPG, Mr. Bendix is President-elect of the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA: www.adisa.org), the industry trade association formerly known as REISA. 

“We’ve hosted our Real Estate Boot Camp for several years now, and we’re beginning to see it blossom from industry interest and exposure,” says Bendix. “But the original purpose of the Real Estate Boot Camp hasn’t changed. Our sole intention is to deepen understanding of real estate trends and market conditions for representatives who want to better navigate this highly complex environment.”

Bendix says that this year’s Boot Camp brought together several industry speakers who offered presentations on their respective position within the real estate industry. “We pride ourselves in bringing together, for example, a leader in the national real estate market to present on industry trends and expectations. Then, just a few minutes later, we’re listening to an executive from a global investment bank presenting on capital markets and what’s happening in the lending industry.”

Bendix continues, “What we are able to do, as a group, is look at the aggregate flow of information presented during the Boot Camp to identify patterns and connections that underlie current and potential investment conditions in real estate investments and alternatives.” 

The 2015 Real Estate Boot Camp was hosted in South Jordan, Utah and featured presentations from industry experts on the following topics: market trends across major real estate asset types; capital markets and the lending environment; understanding real estate appraisal practices; real estate finance and tools for valuation; and the growth of Business Development Companies (BDC) in the alternative investments segment.

When asked about the central takeaways from the conference, Ryan Smith, DFPG’s president and CCO, says, “There are a host of reasons why we should feel optimistic about capital markets, the real estate environment in the U.S., the activity in alternative investments, and underlying fundamentals of the economy.”

“However,” cautions Smith, “volatility in the investment industry as whole and, more specifically, within alternative investments, is something we are watching closely. In our opinion, working within the current market dynamics requires a keen eye for value and a familiarity of how various factors are influencing each other to create or eliminate opportunity.”   

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