Home Special Presentation: Edelman Trust Barometer

    Special Presentation: Edelman Trust Barometer


    Join us for an active discussion covering the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Institutional Investors, which identifies pivotal issues shaping investment criteria and how to build trust with the investment community. For the report, Edelman surveyed 600 institutional investors across six global markets representing over $20 trillion in assets.

    Key Findings:

    • Investors apply a premium valuation to firms that successfully navigate environmental, social impact and governance (ESG) initiatives.
    • Investors temporarily deprioritized ESG practices during the global COVID-19 pandemic but believe as we recover, both their firms and their investments will prioritize ESG with renewed vigor.
    • Investors are particularly focused on social factors, which jumped in rank to number one from number three as the most important ESG factor in the U.S.
    • Additionally, investors agree that profitable companies do not get a pass on ESG.

    Date: 01/13/2021

    Time: 2-3 ET

    Location: Online

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