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    “OZ Projects In A Booming San Jose”

    • An overview of Urban Catalyst, a firm uniquely focused on Opportunity Zone investing in San Jose, CA.
    • The migration taking place within Silicon Valley, as tech companies outgrow the office space available in Mountain View and Cupertino.
    • Urban Catalyst’s status as both the fund manager and the developer, and how this relates to the criteria that seek in any project they undertake.
    • The importance of working in a location where local government wants development to happen, and how San Jose is unique from most of California in that regard.
    • The potential for San Jose to triple in size over the nest decade if all projects currently slated for development are completed.
    • The acquisitions and development that other top tier developers are taking on in San Jose.
    • Factors that are driving demand for multifamily in San Jose, as jobs created have far outpaced thenumber of housing units build.
    • The importance of a “project first” approach when developing in Opportunity Zones.
    • The investment timeline for Urban Catalyst’s Fund Il, including fund raise targets and planned distributions.
    • The fourth hidden benefit of Opportunity Zone investing that applies to funds structured as an LLC.

    Date: 03/09/2022

    Time: 3:45 pm – 4:15 pm EST

    Location: Online

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