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Direct Investment Sponsors Recruiting All-Stars for 2015

Direct Investment sponsors are ramping up hiring efforts ahead of 2015. J.C. Trident, Inc., a recruitment firm focused on alternative investment sponsors has benefited from the demand.

The firm is working to fill several openings, many of which can be found in The DI Wire’s Jobs section, and recently announced three new opportunities.

A real estate sponsor that’s been active in the broker-dealer space for over six years is on the hunt for two externals, one covering the Midwest and one in the Northeast. Currently, the sponsor’s selling group includes over 25 broker-dealers and hopes to add more. Candidates must have experience wholesaling alternatives plus existing relationships with independent broker-dealers (IBD).

Another client of J.C Trident’s, a newcomer to the IBD space, seeks to hire a National Accounts person with Tier 2 and 3 IBD relationships to add to its launch team. The client, a real estate sponsor, already has top tier legal counsel and analysts to create the offering, now they need someone to build out its distribution / selling group.

For more information on the J.C. Trident openings, email Daniel Baccarini at Let him know you found the openings on The DI Wire!

Several other sponsors have openings as well. There are over 15 postings on The DI Wire from the last month.