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Coller Capital Launches Private Equity Opportunities Fund

Coller Capital Launches Private Equity Opportunities Fund. Alternative investments, Coller Capital, private equity, tender offer fund, liquidity, high-net-worth market

Coller Capital, an independent investor dedicated exclusively to private market secondaries, announced the upcoming launch of the Coller Secondaries Private Equity Opportunities Fund, a closed-end tender offer fund specifically designed for accredited high-net-worth investors. According to the company, this private equity secondaries-only offering unlocks a new avenue for individuals to invest in private markets, providing access to the asset class through a diversified, institutional-quality portfolio.

The fund, open for investment in April 2024, seeks to deliver a combination of attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns, diversification, and the opportunity for more liquidity than traditional private equity funds. Available to both U.S. taxable and tax-exempt investors, the fund offers monthly subscriptions and quarterly redemptions, a lower minimum than traditional private market investments, and 1099 tax reporting. The new fund does not charge a performance fee and has waived its management fee for the first year.

“Coller has a proud history of innovation. We are excited to bring the benefit of over 30 years of experience investing solely in private equity secondaries to a product developed specifically for the high-net-worth market. This dynamic solution will change the way individual investors are able to access the unique benefits of secondaries investments.” said Jeremy Coller, chief investment officer and managing partner at Coller Capital.

An attractive way for accredited individual investors to build exposure to private markets, stated Coller, secondaries portfolios typically provide access to high-quality general partners “GPs” and assets that are diversified across company, sector, geography, and investment-type.

“C-SPEF is designed to offer individual investors an easy way to invest in a diversified portfolio of private equity secondaries that has been carefully selected by a manager with a 30-year investment record. Secondaries investing has proven to be an attractive way to access private equity, delivering compelling absolute and risk-adjusted returns across cycles,” said Jake Elmhirst, partner and head of Coller Capital Private Wealth Secondaries Solutions.

Founded in 1990, Coller Capital provides liquidity solutions to private markets investors worldwide, acquiring interests in private equity, private credit, and other private markets assets. Coller Capital is headquartered in London, and has offices in New York, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, and Luxembourg.

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