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Behringer Selected to Advise Vertical Capital Income Fund

Behringer, a sponsor of alternative investments, received board approval from the $157 million Vertical Capital Income Fund, to become the fund’s new advisor.

Vertical Capital Income Fund, which purchases performing residential whole mortgage notes at a discount, terminated its previous advisor in June. The board reviewed potential advisors, ultimately selecting Addison, Texas-based Behringer effective July 6, 2015, on an interim basis pending shareholder approval.

“We are pleased to bring our real estate investing and related securities expertise – as well as our knowledge of the operational and regulatory requirements of publicly registered investment companies – to such an established fund,” said Bob Aisner, chief executive officer at Behringer. “We look forward to working closely with the fund’s board to continue its record of providing shareholder value.” In this role, Behringer’s investment and operations specialists will develop and implement the investment strategy and will oversee service providers that are responsible for day-to-day operations.

“I fully support the board’s recommendation to hire Behringer,” said Bayard Closser, president of Vertical Capital Income Fund. “We expect that the fund will benefit from the team’s multi-year experience managing public and private real estate investment programs and strategies.”

Founded in 2001, Behringer is a privately-owned investment sponsor that creates, manages, and distributes specialized alternative investment programs, including real estate investment trusts, joint ventures, and proprietary program structures.

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