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BDC Sponsors Sells Portfolio Company at a 3X

Triton Pacific Capital Partners, LLC (Triton Pacific) recently announced that one of its portfolio companies was acquired resulting in a return of over three times its investors’ original capital investment. Cash flow prior to the sale had already returned in excess of the initial investment.

The portfolio company, Columbia Medical Manufacturing, LLC (Columbia), a manufacturer of rehabilitation products for children with disabilities, was acquired by Drive Medical (Drive). Formed in 1978, Columbia develops products such as wheelchairs, bath and shower products, and car seats that allow children with disabilities and their families to safely participate in daily activities.

Triton Pacific, through its Value Enhancement Program (SM), contributed to Columbia’s accelerated growth and increased value, which put the company in a position to attract interest from Drive.

“We collaborated with management to meet our objectives of building a robust product development team, implementing a lower cost manufacturing process, and expanding the distribution channel. Columbia’s success couldn’t help but attract the attention of a large and growing company such as Drive,” commented Craig J. Faggen, CEO of Triton Pacific. “Drive is in an excellent position, with the addition of Columbia, to realize its vision of expanding its presence in the pediatric market.”

Los Angeles-based Triton Pacific sponsors a non-traded business development company, Triton Pacific Investment Corporation.