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The Payoff Principle: Producers Wanted!

Producers Wanted! How many times have we seen this on signs, in print, or other media? Companies are always searching for people that produce; people that make things happen. Are you a producer? If not, you may want to ask yourself how you can become one.

Becoming a producer is an important skill to learn. Vietnamese Clergyman Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.” If we are to live our lives by design rather than default, we need to position ourselves to become producers; to become someone who makes things happen.

How do you become a producer? Are there steps? A guidebook? Is it easy? The answer is yes and no. There is a process, but one that takes time, energy and attention (TEA) to accomplish. If you work through the process, you benefit both professionally and personally.

I recently spoke with Dr. Alan Zimmerman, a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame and author of several books focusing on attitude, communication, and leadership. We talked about his newly released book, The Payoff Principle, that tackles’ the question of becoming a producer. In fact, he explores the development and building of producers through a formula he calls The Payoff Principle.

To quote The Payoff Principle, it works like this: “When you find purpose in what you do, exhibit passion for the outcome, and master the process to make it happen, you produce the payoffs you want, need and deserve.” You become a producer!

Think of your results in each of these areas (purpose, passion and process) as you look to attain success and happiness in your career and personal life. Do you have a purpose – a why statement? How do you articulate your purpose to others? Do you exhibit passion and fire for the outcomes you desire? How does this passion show up in your interactions with colleagues, friends and family? Have you mastered the processes of making things happen (continuing education, effective communication, compassionate listening) that can turn your desired payoffs into reality?

In his 30 years of research, Alan Zimmerman discovered that a combination of these three areas is necessary to achieve all you desire. In fact, leaving out even one of the three components of the formula usually leads to falling short of our desired goals. As you consider and answer these questions you are likely thinking that they are hard, that it’s not worth bothering with them or that you can always focus on them later when you have more time. Facing the future with anticipation vs. apprehension, taking responsibility and acting are the keys to success. If you want to create the future you desire, the time to start is now!

Over the next several weeks I am going to dig into the components of The Payoff Principle and demonstrate why and how this simple formula when applied to, integrated within, and acted upon in our lives can give us the payoffs we desire. Join me on this journey and be prepared to ask yourself the powerful questions needed to explore how you think, act, respond in your quest to turn your desires into reality. When you do, the next time you see Producers Wanted! You will know that you are a producer both professionally and personally.

What will you do today to make this happen?

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