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Sponsored: Lighthouse Life Continues Growth

Lighthouse Life Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Lighthouse Life Capital LLC, and their parent company LHL Strategies Inc. continued its success in executing on its strategy to purchase life insurance policies for resale to institutional asset funds, reaching new high marks in both transactions and revenue at the close of the company’s most recent fiscal quarter.

For the third straight fiscal quarter, Lighthouse Life has acquired more policies than the preceding quarter. The company also increased revenue by 400% over the previous fiscal quarter.

The company’s continued success is attributable to enhanced pricing and acquisition processes, continuing improvements in marketing and advertising that result in contacts with more eligible policyowners, and a growing number of established and new longevity asset investors that are purchasing from Lighthouse Life.

Both the quality and quantity of life insurance policies that Lighthouse Life acquires from seniors remains strong. Since the start of 2023, the company’s policy acquisition pipeline has averaged 149 policies with $203.7 million in net death benefit (NDB). During that same period, Lighthouse Life has purchased 45 policies and is currently in closing on 19 more, for a total of $32.8 million in NDB.

Lighthouse Life remains on pace to rank among the top life settlement providers in the U.S. by the end of 2023.

“Lighthouse Life remains focused on what we do best in the life settlement market – delivering value to both policyowners and investors,” said Michael Freedman, chief executive officer.

“Policyowners are turning expensive life insurance policies into much needed liquidity for retirement, and more investors are purchasing these non-correlated assets, especially during this time of market volatility. Lighthouse Life is well-positioned to continue our growth and performance gains.”

Lighthouse Life’s strong financial performance and operating efficiency continue to attract investors in the company. The company offers several investment opportunities to qualified investors.

About Lighthouse Life

Lighthouse Life sources and purchases life insurance policies, utilizing our specific knowledge of the life settlement market, including seniors, financial advisors and asset investors. Our team has extensive experience in life settlements, life insurance, finance and marketing and is driving our growing direct-to-consumer and B2B policy origination strategies. Lighthouse Life delivers value to seniors and investors through fast, efficient and transparent life settlement transactions.

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