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RCAP’s Capital Raise Remains Stable

RCS Capital Corporation (RCAP) announced today that sales of non-traded direct investments and other alternative investments remained strong during the month of April. Through its wholesale broker-dealer entities, Realty Capital Securities, LLC, SC Distributors, LLC, and The Hatteras Funds, equity capital raised was about $457 million in April and surpassed $1.53 billion year-to-date.

In March, RCAP took in $476.3 million, or about $20 million more, however, when comparing non-traded direct investment (DI) capital raise figures, there is less of a difference.

This month, DI programs saw equity inflows of nearly $430 million compared to $433.5 million last month. March has 31 calendar days compared to April’s 30 and if comparing daily average raise based on the entire month, the company fared better in April averaging $14.33 million per calendar day compared to $13.98 million per calendar day in March.

Three non-traded real estate programs distributed by Realty Capital Securities, LLC have recently announced plans to list on an exchange in the coming months. The company expects these liquidity events will result in advisors and investors using proceeds to reinvest in future non-traded programs.

“With another solid month of sales, near-term program closings, and the first of a series of announced liquidity events expected to take place this month, we remain confident in our ability to capitalize on positive trends in the alternative investment industry,” commented Bill Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer of Realty Capital Securities.

“Our outlook for 2015 remains strong as we expect liquidity events to act as additional catalysts for growth,” added Dwyer.