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SK Research Releases Its Retail-Focused Research Note

SK Research (SK), a third party due diligence firm and provider of direct investment research and analysis for broker-dealers and financial advisors, recently released its Research Note (the Note) focused on retail property titled Refreshing the Business – Many Retailers Announce New Plans Involving Changes to Property Usage.

The Note highlights trends and insights into the retail sector as it relates to real estate. For example, many larger retailers have announced plans to launch omni-channel strategies, which would allow for the sale of goods through multiple channels such as mobile, computer, TV, and in-store. This strategy, as SK points out, may include store closings or corporate mergers that generate cost reductions for retailers who may subsequently reinvest into development of smaller stores.

SK’s Note also includes specific announcements from retailers about store closings, new store openings, discount store development, mergers, and bankruptcies, among other topics.

As it relates to changes in consumer tastes, SK warns, “We are of the view that retail property investors need to look carefully at the underlying quality of the assets they are buying into and, in particular, for management that is capable of responding to the changing needs of the retail tenants.”

Finally, SK provides readers of the Note a current list of non-traded REITs and daily NAV REITs with retail property interests.

To download SK’s Research Note, click here.