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Accordant ODCE Index Interval Fund Added to RIA Custodian Platforms

Accordant ODCE Index Interval Fund Added to RIA Custodian Platforms. Alternative investments, index fund, private real estate, Accordant ODCE Index Fund, ODCEX, RIA, registered investment adviser, Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, Matrix Trust, broker-dealer

Accordant Investments LLC has announced that the Accordant ODCE Index Fund , which the company describes as “the first-ever private real estate index fund,” is now available on four of the largest registered investment adviser custodian platforms: Schwab Advisor Services, Fidelity Investments, Pershing, and Matrix Trust Company.

ODCEX is a fully registered interval fund with a patented indexing investment approach that seeks to track the NFI-ODCE Index. The NFI-ODCE Index is a comprehensive benchmark for U.S. core private real estate, according to Accordant, like what the S&P 500 is for the largest publicly traded stocks.

Only available to retail investors that have a relationship with an RIA, ODCEX was built with advisers and investors in mind and strives to remove many of the typical hurdles to investing in private real estate. It offers daily purchases, asset transparency, low fees, and broad diversification. The minimum investment for the fund is $2500.

“We believe private real estate is a necessary part of any diversified portfolio and we have made it easier for advisers to allocate to this important asset class,” said Greg Stark, chief executive officer of Accordant.

“As investors seek greater diversification in their portfolio, they should think of private real estate as a ‘goldilocks’ alternative, given it has earnings growth and dividend yield characteristics of stocks and bonds yet a low correlation to traditional stocks and bonds,” said Stark to The DI Wire.

“For the last five years, our indexing strategy has only been available to institutional investors and with over $5 billion in institutional capital, it has become an important part of their portfolio strategies. That same strategy is now available to the private wealth channel. Investors of all sizes can now access high-quality real estate with low fees and instant diversification,” said Garrett Zdolshek, Accordant portfolio manager.

As of Dec. 31, 2023, the NFI-ODCE Index is comprised of nearly $300 billion in market value supported by over 3,000 properties that are geographically diversified across the 35 largest U.S markets. Property types include industrial, residential, office, retail, and specialty, and average approximately $100 million in value per asset.

Accordant is a registered investment adviser headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., and creates investment strategies to bring the advantages of institutional core real estate to the private wealth market. Accordant focuses on both active and passive investment strategies and leverages its strategic relationships within the real estate industry to create truly diversified portfolio offerings in easy-to-use structures.

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