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Research firm offers Non-Listed REIT Data for FREE

MTS Research Advisors (MTS), a provider of data and analytics for non-traded REITs and BDCs, announced the release of their free data reports. Financial advisors have access to their non-listed REIT fact sheets, which offer over 20 data points.

Mike Stubben, President and 17 year commercial real estate veteran, believes investors and financial advisors should have access to data for free. His goal is to facilitate transparency by offering critical data points necessary for a proper analysis.

“An understanding of key data points for non-listed REITs is an essential knowledge base for financial advisors, and we are happy to offer these free fact sheets. Investors shouldn’t have to pay for data,” suggested Stubben.

Five Categories
The non-listed REIT fact sheets present data in an easy to read format by five categories, which are offering, portfolio, diversification, balance sheet, and distributions.
Offering data includes the effective date, offering size (current), equity raised, and the status of open or closed.

To learn of a REITs strategy, sector focus, and property details, a quick glance at the portfolio section provides this data, side by side with other non-listed REITs for analysis.

Comparing REITs property types and geographic locations is simply done in the diversification section.

For financial analysis, you’ll find the liquidity, leverage, and various debt ratios in the balance sheet section.

Lastly, the fact sheets make it easy to compare distributions, FFO yields and payout ratios, and the Investment Program Association’s MFFO yields and payout ratios.

Analysis & Commentary
MTS also offers advanced analysis, such as capitalization rates and spreads, performance metrics, and analytical commentary to subscribers. 

Stubben added, “Our subscription service offers unmatched analysis of critical non-listed REIT performance metrics and provides key insights into distribution risk, balance sheet risk, and market risk for non-listed REITs. We also provide our clients with a variety of educational resources to help them make informed investment and allocation decisions with non-listed REITs. “

To learn more about MTS Research Advisors, visit their website here.

To obtain the non-listed REIT fact sheets, send an email to