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MTS Research Announced its Free 4Q13 Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets are available

In response to heightened regulatory scrutiny over certain practices related to non-listed REITs, MTS Research (MTS) began publishing Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets earlier this year. In addition to providing this data service to broker-dealers, financial advisors, and investors for free, MTS also offers analytical research reports to subscribers. 

The 4Q13 Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets and 4Q13 MTS Report are now available on MTS’s website.

“Investors shouldn’t pay for data,” commented Michael Stubben, President of MTS Research. “This free data service is part of our commitment to help educate investors on these complex investments. Our firm’s focus is to help investors make informed investment decisions and understand expected returns for investments in non-listed REITs. The long-term growth of the non-listed REIT market is dependent on transparency and an educated investor base.” 

MTS’s 4Q13 Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets provide more than 20 data points on 55 non-listed REITs.

The Fact Sheets provide details on the non-listed REITs’ portfolio composition, balance sheet, and distributions, highlighting several key metrics related to balance sheet risk and distribution risk.

In addition, the 4Q13 MTS Report highlights non-listed REIT fundraising and acquisitions by individual non-listed REIT, and the report reviews non-listed REIT leverage ratios, distribution payout ratios, and fee structures.

To view a copy of the MTS Non-Listed REIT Summary, click here. 

To view the MTS Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets, click here. 

To learn more about MTS Research and request a copy of the Free Fact Sheets, click here.