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How to Analyze REITs for Your Clients

Sponsor: ExchangeRight

Event Name: How to Analyze REITs for Your Clients

Host: Joshua Ungerecht, a Managing Partner at ExchangeRight

Date: June 11th, 2024

Time of Event: 12:00 PM (PT)

Event Type: Virtual

Description of Event:

Register for How to Analyze REITs for Your Clients, an educational webinar on Tuesday, June 11, at 12:00 p.m. PT with ExchangeRight Managing Partner Joshua Ungerecht. During the session, Joshua will give an overview of the most important questions that advisors, representatives, and due diligence officers must ask to determine a REIT’s financial health, sustainability, and suitability to meet their clients’ needs and goals.

Topics covered will include acquisition principles, balance sheet considerations, Adjusted Funds From Operations, Debt Service Coverage Ratios, and more.

The webinar and Q&A session together will run approximately for one hour.

Event Webpage/Registration info: This webinar is exclusively for BDs, RIAs, and DDOs. Register now: