Home Conference Room Conversations: Featuring King Operating Corporation's Larimer County Energy Fund LP

    Conference Room Conversations: Featuring King Operating Corporation’s Larimer County Energy Fund LP


    Attendees* will hear a 20-minute presentation from Jay Young, King Operating’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and Rex Gifford, King Operating’s Chief Financial Officer, on King Operating’s Larimer County Energy Limited Partnership and Delaware Statutory Trust offerings, followed by a candid Q&A session moderated by Gail Schneck and Kemp Hanley of FactRight.

    Webinar topics will include:

    • Why energy investments make sense in today’s market
    • How King Operating’s strategy differs from that of conventional drilling programs
    • What tax benefits are available with these investments
    • How energy DSTs differ from real estate DSTs
    • What is King Operating’s experience in the energy industry
    • FactRight’s questions related to the material risks associated with investing in the programs

    *Open to home office broker-dealer and registered investment advisor personnel only

    Date: 12/09/2020

    Time: 4 pm EDT/1 pm PDT

    Location: Online

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