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Walton Global Launches California DST Offering

Walton Global, a real estate investment and land asset management company, announced the launch of its California Growth 1 Delaware Statutory Trust, which is focused on land-based investments.

Located in Northern California, the offering is for approximately 44 acres of residential land that has been approved for 215 single-family homes.

Walton Global’s DST business line was launched in March of 2023 with its first offering, Georgia Growth 1 DST, for 103 acres and a targeted development of 206 single-family homes that is expected to close in the coming weeks. The California Growth 1 DST is the second offering now available for accredited investors.

The California Growth 1 DST exit strategy is targeted to be three to five years.

“We have been receiving a high level of interest in our DST offering since its launch in the spring and we are excited to make the California Growth 1 DST available to investors” said Katie Hubbard, senior vice president of capital markets at Walton Global. “The feedback I have been getting from advisors is that our land-based offering hasn’t been seen before in the DST space and the targeted returns we’re aiming for is creating a demand from their clients. We feel DST investments will remain a popular choice over the coming years and we’re happy to extend this competitive offering.”

When selecting land, Walton Global says it focuses on key factors such as population growth and employment growth near large metropolitan areas.

“The DST 1031 exchange is an appealing opportunity for accredited investors who are looking to diversify their portfolio, defer their capital gains taxes and preserve their capital through a hard asset by using a growth strategy,” said Matt Keister, Executive Vice President of Capital Markets at Walton Global. “We’re looking forward to expanding our offering in multiple growth areas across the United States.”

Walton Global is a privately-owned land asset management and real estate investment company with $3.4 billion in assets under management.

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