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Triple Crown Becomes Inaugural Transfer-Agent Customer of LODAS

Triple Crown Becomes Inaugural Transfer-Agent Customer of LODAS. Alternative investments, LODAS, LODAS Markets, REIT, real estate investment trust, Triple Crown Realty Trust

LODAS Markets, a web-based marketplace for the secondary trading of illiquid real estate and alternative investments, has launched a transfer-agent affiliate, LODAS Transfer LLC. The company says its transfer agent offering will further streamline alternatives investing and announced that Triple Crown Realty Trust Inc. is its inaugural transfer-agent customer.

Triple Crown plans to directly list on during the current quarter to provide liquidity opportunities to its shareholders, becoming one of 40 securities trading on LODAS’ all-electronic secondary market. It will be the third direct listing, following VineBrook Homes Trust and SilverStar Properties Trust.

Earlier this year, The DI Wire reported LODAS’ use of artificial intelligence tools to enhance market data and increase transparency for trading.

“We’re excited to work with [Triple Crown] and appreciate their faith in LODAS as a direct listing and our first transfer-agent client, launching a key component of our strategy to modernize the investment process for real estate and alternative assets,” said Brian King, chief executive officer of LODAS Markets.

“This development enables LODAS to vertically integrate the entire, fully electronic lifecycle of the investor experience, from the initial client onboarding, through the ultimate secondary sale of the investment on our platform,” he said.

“We’re proud to work with LODAS to offer [Triple Crown] investors the opportunity to engage with an innovative company offering a vast array of services, including ownership transfer and tangible liquidity options,” said Tim Johnson, president of Triple Crown.

Triple Crown is a private, non-registered real estate investment trust in Wichita, Kan., specializing in industrial real estate with professionally managed small-cap tenants.

LODAS stands for Liquidity On Demand As a Service as the company strives to provide all investors – from individuals to sponsors, to large funds – with liquidity on their terms. LODAS operates a fully automated online marketplace matching buyers and sellers of assets like non-traded REITs, business development corporations and private real estate investments.

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