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Tax Strategies for Investing in Alternatives – PENSCO Hosts Webinar

Self-Directed IRA custodian, PENSCO, will host a webinar tomorrow afternoon titled Tax Strategies for Investing in Alternatives.

PENSCO, an alternative asset custodian, specializes in helping advisors and their investors use IRA assets to invest in vehicles like private equity, hard assets such as gold or precious metals, real estate, notes, and other non-traded assets.

Mike Howe and Chris Orr of PENSCO will deliver a 30-minute presentation aimed at providing attendees with insights into tax strategies for investing in alts with retirement funds.

The duo will compare traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs in addition to discussing Roth conversions, RMDs, and Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI).

The event is free and kicks off at 4:30 PM EST, 1:30PM PST.

Click here to register.