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ARCTRUST Fully Subscribes Ohio Industrial Facility DST Offering

ARCTRUST Fully Subscribes Ohio Industrial Facility DST Offering. Alternative investments, ARCTRUST, commercial real estate, real estate investment trust, REIT, Regulation D, DST, Delaware Statutory Trust

ARCTRUST Private Capital, the capital markets division of the ARCTRUST Group of Companies, announced that it has fully subscribed ARCTRUST Industrial DST. The Regulation D, private placement offering raised the full $7.13 million in equity from accredited investors.

“We believe this historically resilient asset offers a compelling opportunity for investors seeking portfolio diversification and possible tax optimization, and we are very pleased to offer these investors access to this in-demand, mission-critical industrial property,” said Chris Wadelin, CEO of ARCTRUST Private Capital. “We thank each member of the ARCTRUST selling group for their efforts in educating clients as to the potential benefits of investing in ARCTRUST Industrial DST, and we thank all of our investors for trusting us to be stewards of their capital.”

Launched in September 2023, the DST owns a 144,328-square-foot, single-story industrial building in Cleveland, Ohio, which it purchased for approximately $11.6 million. Originally constructed in 1967, the tenant and prior owner invested over $12.1 million of capital improvements into the property in 2022, a sizable investment in both absolute terms and relative to the purchase price of $11.6 million. The DST aims to provide investors with stable rent income, while also amortizing debt and eventually selling the property after seven years.

Located on approximately 11.08 acres on Denison Avenue, the building is fully leased to Polychem, LLC, also known as Greenbridge, a company known for serving a wide variety of industries which includes brands such as Itatools, Caristrap, and Polychem Systems.

ARCTRUST Private Capital focuses on delivering a diverse platform of investment solutions including real estate investment trusts, Regulation D offerings, Delaware Statutory Trusts and preferred equity and debt products, while also providing investor. They’re affiliated with ARCTRUST, a 38-year-old real estate company that has been responsible for the development, acquisition and joint-venture funding of more than 500 properties with an aggregate value more than $5 billion.

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