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Vint Launches $10 Million Wine/Spirits Arbitrage Fund With Possible Tax Advantages

Vint, a wine and spirits asset manager, announced the launch of its tax-advantaged Vint Diversified Offering II, available to accredited investors. With successful raises across more than 90 past Reg A+ and Reg D deals, the offering is positioned to accommodate wealth advisers affiliated with alternatives-focused, independent broker-dealers, and registered investment advisers.

Distinct from of its tax-advantaged Vint Diversified Offering I – which was designed for Vint’s internal network of about 75 accredited investors and raised $1 million – the second fund aims to raise $10 million with the ability to increase to $15 million, to be deployed in a global retail arbitrage strategy in the fine wine and rare spirits markets.

Proceeds from the capital raise will be used to acquire physical wine and whisky assets from the U.K. and Europe for resale in the United States.

“With a track record of success across a variety of offering structures and with a following of more than 2,500 individual and institutional investors, we knew that it was time to bring a tailored product to the investment adviser channel”, said Nick King, chief executive officer of Vint. “This offering allows us to establish a reputation in the adviser community while creating significant value for investors looking to diversify their portfolio with a high-growth, tax-advantaged opportunity.”

Vint has retained Emerson Equity as its managing broker-dealer for the offering and has secured a third-party due diligence report from FactRight.

Investors in the offering may benefit from capital appreciation through Vint’s arbitrage strategy, which prioritizes the efficient acquisition and resale of underlying assets. The offering is also expected to qualify under Internal Revenue Service code 1202, “Qualified Small Business Stock,” which affords investors the ability to file for federal income tax exemptions on gains from the planned liquidating distribution in year five.

Founded in 2019, Vint is a fine wine and rare spirits asset manager. Supported by the $70 million online Vint Marketplace, Vint allows investors to allocate to a global arbitrage strategy that takes advantage of significant market inefficiencies across global retail.

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