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TriLinc Global Impact Fund Announces Latest Quarterly Results

Non-traded limited liability company, TriLinc Global Impact Fund (TriLinc) announced yesterday its financial and impact results for the quarter ended March 31, 2014. The company makes impact investments in developing economies for small and medium sized enterprises, known as SMEs. Impact investing has the goal of achieving financial returns in addition to creating positive, measurable impact in communities.

TriLinc reports 100% success with borrower countries’ compliance in environmental, labor, health, safety and business laws, standards, and regulations as well as participation in community service and donations.

The company also reports $21.8 million in net assets, made up of senior secured and collateralized loans and trade finance, with an average portfolio loan size of $2.1 million. It has a weighted average portfolio duration of 1.3 years and a weighted average position yield of 12.6%.

“TriLinc believes that providing capital to developing economy SMEs that demonstrate impact intent and execution can drive systemic, long-term economic expansion for populations lacking socioeconomic opportunity,” commented Gloria Nelund, CEO of TriLinc Global Impact Fund. “Our reporting process ensures accountability and informs our unitholders on our efforts to seek both market-rate returns and benefits for society,” she added.

Having commenced operations in January 2013, TriLinc has an offering size of up to $1.25 billion and plans to close its offering in February 2015. As of May 28, 2014, TriLinc’s total financing commitments for business expansion and socioeconomic development in Latin America and Southeast Asia was $28.7 million.