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There’s an App for That.

Securities America, Inc. (SAI), a leading independent broker dealer and home to over 1,700 registered representatives, understands the need for alternatives. Not only do they offer a wide array of alternative investments to their advisors, they also embrace technology and the advantages it offers.

“Our advisors continue to look for ways to increase productivity to better serve their clients and grow their practices,” said Kirk Hulett, SAI executive vice president of strategy and practice management in a statement.

Today, there’s no shortage of mobile applications (apps) that can be used for just about anything. Counting calories? There’s an app for that. Enjoying using a stapler? Yes, there’s even an app for that. There are useful apps too, like those designed to make us more efficient in the workplace.

So how do financial advisors sift through all the productivity apps and find those that truly fit their needs? If you’re registered with SAI, you now have the benefit of AppHub.

It’s not an app, but a site rather, that reviews mobile applications created to improve productivity.

AppHub assesses each app from the standpoint of an advisor, allowing searches by “categories including document processing, note taking, productivity, security, sharing, social media and to-do lists to find a match to their specific needs.”

“With the increasingly large number of apps available, AppHub provides an expedited process to locate a suitable resource and understand the productivity and security implications,” added Hulett.

Input from SAI financial advisors and research from the SAI practice management team contributed to the site’s creation.

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