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Sponsor’s Website Has a New Look

Fresh off listing its first business development company on the New York Stock Exchange, Franklin Square Capital Partners (Franklin Square) has a new look; well, its website does. 

Previously, Franklin Square offered multiple sites for each of its investment offerings. With only a few offerings, navigation was feasible.

Add a few more and now jumping from site to site can become tricky.

The solution: Unify each into an integrated resource offering ease of use for advisors and investors.

“Working with usability experts, we designed a contemporary navigation that enables visitors to find what they need with ease. For instance, there is an “I want to” menu that provides quick access to sections of the site most requested based on whether you are an investor or a financial professional,” offered Franklin Square in an exclusive statement to The DI Wire.

The redesign took place after feedback from focus groups and a survey of financial advisors were considered. Additionally, research on advisors’ use of financial sites contributed to the new look and layout. 

The fresh-look site also allows users to get to know Franklin Square’s culture and employees because they ”believe people considering an investment want to know more about an asset manager than just what is held in a portfolio.”

Visitors are able to take a deeper dive into the corporate culture, read up on the management team, and develop a sense of the type of employees Franklin Square seeks to hire.

Personalized access for advisors is simple through an advisor portal with registration options such as a “quick” form or their LinkedIn account.

“Once in, advisors can get an overview of client assets, link to DST Vision to view accounts, see photos and contact information of their sales team, order literature, and view communications and events,” stated the company.

To check out Franklin Square’s new design, click here.