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Sponsored Video: Crowdfunding to Raise Capital

What entrepreneurs need to know about leveraging self-directed IRAs.

Patrick Hagen, STRATA’s national director of business development, discusses why crowdfunding is a popular option for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their business.

Video Transcript

Patrick Hagen   00:03

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their businesses. STRATA Trust Company is one of the first custodians to offer self-directed IRA services for crowdfunding opportunities, successfully opening the universe to more investors to access this unique space.

For entrepreneurs looking to raise capital the option for their investors to use retirement savings is appealing.  Here’s what entrepreneurs need to know. Investing through a self-directed IRA is a simple and relatively inexpensive process and firms like STRATA Trust Company can make it easy and seamless. Investors are not limited to just publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They can invest their IRA in direct real estate, private hedge funds, private equity, and other alternative investments. 

Investors can capture some of the gains that they realized over the last eight to ten years and deploy those funds into investments that are not tied to the market. Using a self-directed IRA for crowdfunding projects presents a unique opportunity for investors to get involved in projects and business endeavors. It’s important that entrepreneurs know about this option as they look to grow their business and pool of investors. For more insight from the STRATA Trust team, check out the resource center on our website stratatrust.com and connect twitter in linkedIn.

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