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Sponsor Growth Solutions Aims to Guide Emerging Companies Entering the Retail Channel

Heidi Wheatley

When it comes to scaling their business, new companies seeking success in the retail channel might experience challenges raising capital.

“While self-funding and support from friends and family are common initial sources, the journey to substantial growth often requires tapping into additional revenue streams,” said Heidi Wheatley, the founder of Sponsor Growth Solutions.

New to the scene as of March 2024, Sponsor Growth Solutions – or SGS – aims to guide emerging companies through the complexities of entering the independent broker-dealer and registered investment adviser channels. SGS helps clients streamline the process of building a distribution platform, enabling them to remain focused on core business objectives.

Wheatley brings over two decades of expertise in financial services, spanning the broker-dealer, RIA and sponsor sectors, and was most recently with Keystone National Properties LLC as chief operating officer from 2022 to 2024. With a track record of success in distribution platform strategy, developing and executing impactful sales initiatives, and building high-performing teams, Wheatley has facilitated the raising of hundreds of millions of dollars for various organizations, including Keystone, Preferred Capital Securities, and Horizon Investments.

Based in Atlanta, she has developed a multifaceted skill set encompassing product structure, national accounts, sales, operations, investor relations, technology, brand positioning and messaging, budget creation and management, and human resources. Her comprehensive understanding of the industry, coupled with a keen eye for organizational strengths and weaknesses, positions SGS as a trusted partner for companies seeking to position themselves for success in the retail channel.

“At SGS, we recognize that making a good first impression while navigating the capital raising process efficiently is paramount for emerging companies,” said Wheatley. “After working with numerous consultants throughout my career, I found that those that had a positive impact were the ones that didn’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

In her experience, Wheatley said the consultants who took the time to understand the company, its mission, and people and to create strategies that met the unique needs of the organization, added significant long-term value. She wants exactly that to be the approach taken by SGS.

“While the steps for entering the retail channel are largely the same for all companies, the options available can be tailored to create a distribution platform that is sustainable for the sponsor – while being scalable for future growth. At SGS our mission is to provide tailored support and guidance to companies aiming to access capital through the retail channel. By leveraging our expertise and extensive relationships, we help clients save valuable time and resources while maximizing their potential for success.”

Wheatley received her Master of Business Administration from the Keller Graduate School of Management. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from St. Ambrose University. She is committed to giving back to her industry and community and currently serves on the conference planning committee for ADISA, the nation’s largest trade association representing the non-traded alternative investments space.

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