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Shiny New Website with Advisor Friendly Resources

In today’s business environment, every company must have a website, even sponsors of private placements. 

A website serves as a storefront that is hopefully welcoming to prospective clients. Most sponsors have a website and offer at a minimum, contact information, an about us page, and additional information that lets us know what they do.

But is that enough? And how often should websites be refreshed?

Without updates or a redesign, a website may appear stale and dated, thus potentially portraying the same image on the sponsor.

Waveland Capital Partners, sponsor to private oil and gas partnerships, understands adaptability is a necessary characteristic for successful businesses. Just recently, Waveland launched a redesigned website that is more modern, more resourceful, and user friendly.

The new site offers a sleek, fresh look with easy to navigate tabs and large block buttons for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Waveland also offers advisors and investors log in access which provides fund specific performance and activity information in addition to press releases and additional news commentary.

For prospective advisors and clients, there are plenty of options as well. In addition to the customary about us section, users can learn about Waveland’s area of operations, the types of activity they are engaged in and their development process.

Click here for a great video on dewatering.

Lastly, the new site offers a resources section complete with an aggregated newsroom, webinars, and an education tab offering glossaries, white papers and more. 

Waveland Capital Partners sponsors private oil and gas partnerships made available through independent broker-dealers. Since inception, they have deployed over $400 million in exploratory and development projects in the Mid-Continent and recently, the Permian Basin.

To check out Waveland’s shiny new website, click here.