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RCAP’s Non-Traded Direct Investment Capital Raise Up 26% in February

Sales of alternative investments such as non-traded REITs continue to climb at RCS Capital Corporation (RCAP) the publicly traded parent to Realty Capital Securities, LLC, SC Distributors, LLC, and The Hatteras Funds.

In February, the group raised $326.8 million in equity capital as compared to $275.1 million in January, an increase of 19%.

For non-traded direct investment programs, sales were $300.1 million in February, up 26 percent compared to $238.3 million in January.

“February was the fourth consecutive month of increased sales, continuing the strong momentum we saw in January, and demonstrates the market’s demand for the diverse array of 31 product offerings we currently distribute,” commented Bill Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer of Realty Capital Securities.

RCAP raised $9.7 billion in all of 2014 and $1.1 billion in the fourth quarter.

Dwyer added, “We believe the overall market demand for retail alternatives, including over $50 billion of closed programs awaiting liquidity industry-wide that can be recaptured into second and third generation direct investment programs, will continue to drive near-term sales and is a positive indicator of the long-term fundamental strength of our platform.”