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Non-Traded REIT Due Diligence Tool Updated with Q2 Data

Digging through marketing materials and SEC filings can be time consuming, but a necessary evil when conducting due diligence on non-traded REITs. Thankfully, the folks at MTS Research Advisors have made the initial review and on-going monitoring a bit easier for broker-dealers, advisors, and investors with their quarterly Non-Listed REIT Fact Sheets and Report, both of which are provided complimentary.

Just recently, MTS Research Advisors completed the Q2 data integration and has made the free fact sheets and report available.

MTS Research AdvisorsMichael Stubben, President of MTS Research, says that his firm wants to help advisors and investors make informed decisions and have a better understanding of the return potential of non-traded REITs.

The Fact Sheets certainly do that.

With 20 data points such as portfolio composition, balance sheet data, distributions, and offering information there’s no shortage of metrics to compare.

The MTS Report provides a great tool for sponsors as well.

Here you can compare capital raise efforts, leverage ratios, distributions payouts, and fee structures across non-listed REITs.

To access the MTS Non-Traded REIT Report for Q2 2014, click here.

To access the MTS Non-Traded REIT Fact Sheets for Q2 2014, click here.

To learn more about MTS Research Advisors, click here.