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Looking Back – Top Stories from December 2013

Here’s a look at the top “timeless” stories from December of 2013.

Liquidity for Illiquid Direct Investments – FINRA Registered Secondary Market Firms – Surprisingly, many advisors and investors are unaware that there are options for investors in non-traded products in need of liquidity. This article is the first in a series covering the secondary market.

Lack of Diversification – Trending Concern amongst Broker Dealers at the IMN Conference – At the IMN’s 2013 west coast conference, a common concern at the time was ARC’s overwhelming presence on the product shelf. Given the revelations over the past 8 weeks, many in the industry are still uneasy.

What Advisors Want: Natixis Report Says More Alternative Investment Education – A Natixis report from 2013 says advisors will consider alternative investment if they were better educated.

Integrity and Transparency – A Cogent Research survey reveals advisors value integrity and transparency as the most important characteristics they seek when reviewing a sponsor of alternative investments.

The IPA responds to Wall Street Journal Article “A Murky Real Estate Market Comes into Focus” – The IPA took issue with an article published in the WSJ and publicly replied encouraging future, open conversations with the reporter to ensure he has his facts correct.

Liquidity, Capital, Mergers, and Acquisitions – a Blockbuster Year for ARC! – 2013 was Nick Schorsch’s year. 2014 was too, if we forget about the 4th quarter. Take a look at what the Schorsch team accomplished in 2013.

Matching or Auction – Secondary Market Companies – There are half a dozen or so firms that are FINRA registered and provide advisors and investors in non-traded products the chance to sell shares in an organized fashion. Some firms match sellers with buyers, while others provide auction based services allowing buyers to bid and sellers to set limits.