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KBS Launches Online Retail Platform for $500 Million Reg D Offering


KBS, a commercial real estate investment firm and sponsor of non-traded direct investment offerings, debuted its direct-access online platform – KBSDirect.com – for accredited investors and advisors to invest in KBS Growth & Income REIT in a $500 million Regulation D offering with no load or upfront fees to investors.

The first investment opportunity on the KBSDirect.com portal is KBS Growth & Income REIT Inc., a public reporting, non-traded real estate investment trust with a targeted asset value of $1 billion to $1.2 billion.

As previously reported by The DI Wire, KBS Growth and Income REIT closed its initial public offering at the end of June to focus the online private offering. To date, the REIT’s portfolio is comprised of three equity properties valued at approximately $150.4 million.

“The innovative structure of KBS Growth & Income REIT offered on KBSDirect.com ensures that 100 percent of the investor’s capital will be invested directly into the REIT,” Schreiber said. “KBS…will be one of the first institutional-grade sponsors to offer investors and advisors the opportunity to invest directly, through KBS’ online portal, in real estate investments similar to those that have been made available to KBS institutional investors for more than 25 years. These include public pension funds, corporate pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.”

Last month, the REIT announced plans to purchase a historic Class A office building in Chicago for nearly $44 million.

KBS Growth & Income REIT was formed in January 2015 and targets assets in markets with strong population and job growth. The company has raised a combined $84.7 million in its private and public offerings, according to Summit Investment Research.

KBS is one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the United States and currently operates and manages 40.2 million square feet of office space with a total value of approximately $11 billion.

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