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    Senior Due Diligence Analyst at Inland Private Capital (Oak Brook, IL)

    The Senior Due Diligence Analyst is responsible for the coordination and completion of all due diligence activity relating to a potential real estate acquisition by the Company. The goal of this position is to deliver a comprehensive due diligence process in unison with the stakeholders of the Company’s acquisition and syndication processes that identifies and minimizes the associated risks of real estate ownership.


    • Demonstrates highest standards of personal and professional integrity, adheres to Company’s policies and procedures, and complies with applicable laws, government rules and regulations.
    • Collects and organizes due diligence documents and interprets accuracy for compliance with Department acquisition and syndication needs.
    • Engage and manage third party due diligence firms, with subsequent finalization of reports.
    • Tracks critical due diligence dates and issues for the Department.
    • Researches and responds to due diligence inquiries from various internal and external participants in the acquisition and syndication process, including, Department members, property and asset management, appraisers, lenders, internal and external legal counsel and third party due diligence firms.
    • Attend lease review meetings on behalf of the Company and summarizes due diligence issues for distribution to the Department.
    • Collaborates with the Company and affiliate due diligence personnel in reviewing, analyzing, and finalizing: environmental reports, property condition reports, leases, operation and easement agreements, property operating statements, zoning reports, and related materials.
    • Identifies fact patterns as to the risks associated with the acquisition and operation of the property.
    • Proactively communicates findings with key Department members, senior management and internal/external tax counsel to analyze and address issues and monitor activities to ensure compliance at every level.
    • Reviews closing statements, prorations, tenant deliverables, and other closing related documents for accuracy.
    • Works with Department members and internal and external counsel to ensure real estate, structuring, operating, and disclosure issues are properly identified and satisfactorily addressed.
    • Advises the Department and affiliated management parties of post-acquisition and post-syndication issues.
    • Identifies and participates in professional development opportunities in order to keep abreast of emerging trends as well as new analytical tools and techniques.
    • Keeps current on new laws and industry regulations, and advises management on any changes that may be necessary to comply with new requirements.
    • Performs research of real estate markets, tenants and other due diligence related items.
    • Other duties as assigned.


    • This position has no supervisory responsibilities.
    • This position requires a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from a four-year college or university or equivalent professional knowledge and/or work experience.
    • This position requires over 3 years of prior professional experience, preferably in a real estate environment with commercial properties.
    • No certifications/licenses are required for this position.
    • Keyboarding skills are required for this position.
    • Intermediate skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are required for this position.
    • Familiarity with Argus is required for this position.
    • May require occasional (0 – 10% of the time) day and overnight travel for this position.

    Company: Inland Private Capital
    Location: Oak Brook, IL

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